Can pigeons and chickens live together?

During the revolution of human beings, chicken would be referred to as one of the most favorite species for your farms. That is because we will be able to benefit a lot from those chickens and their products.

It is more convenient for you to grow different species simultaneously so that you can save a lot of money and space. But which animals can live with chickens? Can pigeons and chickens live with each other?

Can pigeons and chickens live together?

In fact, it is possible for any farmer to keep and raise pigeons and chickens in the same place. However, this could lead to some negative and positive effects on your animals.

Even though pigeons and chickens can get along with each other most of the time, you have to pay much attention to keep a good relationship among them. Besides, it is necessary for you to assess whether your place is suitable to raise both two species at the same time or not. To do this successfully, you should meet some basic requirements about food, environment, space and so on.

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How to raise pigeons?

It is not too complicated for you to raise any pigeon in your house. The most important thing in this process is that you need to create a good environment for them to communicate with each other daily. The fact that you keep it alone for a long time would have a significant influence on its mental and physical health.

Today, there are several types of pigeon cages and food sold in order for you to pick up based on your own interest and budget. Those pigeons are not picky in what they eat so you can feed them easily with an affordable cost.

In addition, you should keep your pigeons outside for a specific period per day instead of letting them stay in their cages. This would be the best method to help your pigeons live happily and improve their health state. Moreover, finding a mate for your pigeon would be an option you should consider while you would like to raise your animal well.

Pigeons and Chickens
Pigeons and Chickens

The habitat of chickens

Compared to other kinds of poultry, it is very simple to create a suitable habitat for the development of chickens. If you are a beginner, it is highly recommended to raise a small flock at first. Then you can increase the number of chickens gradually when you get much more experience. Besides, you would measure your space to build a comfortable environment for all chickens inside.

For food, it has a wide variety of options coming from both natural and artificial ingredients suitable for your chickens’ health. In case you want to have a natural habitat for chickens, you would grow different types of plants in your chicken space. Those plants can not only make your garden impressive but also be a healthy food source for your chickens.

Moreover, you should consider an appropriate place to put your chicken net. This net is used for hens to lay down and raise their chicks, so it would be comfortable and spacious enough for all of them. And putting it in a suitable spot would help you to collect the eggs easily and quickly.

The combination of chickens and pigeons

It does not require much effort to raise each type separately because they are all friendly animals. However, making chickens and pigeons live with each other is not simple like that. In fact, they have some discrepancies in the way they live. If you take it into consideration soon, it can help you a lot to figure out the best way to raise both kinds together.

For pigeons, they would prefer to live in a higher place than chickens do. Unlike pigeons, chickens do not have the ability to fly high so they are more comfortable with lower nets.

In addition, the way chickens and pigeons drink is not the same too. Chickens use their mouth to get the water and then, put their head back to swallow it while pigeons get used to sipping their water. Therefore, you would build a watering system appropriate for their different features.

Do pigeons have any negative impact on chickens and vice versa?

Despite the fact that chickens and pigeons will be able to coexist, they also have some problems with each other sometimes. Due to their difference in lifestyle, it can cause several conflicts among those animals. Although you give each of them a suitable food and drink amount, it is hard for you to prevent any competition among them about food or water. In some special cases, your chickens can even kill your pigeons or baby pigeons at any time. Thus, you should keep your eye carefully on their behaviors to avoid this event.

Furthermore, like other birds, pigeons or even chickens could bring some serious diseases to each other. When they live together in the same place, the expansion of viruses or diseases would happen at a fast speed if you do not take immediate action.


Most of the time pigeons will have the ability to get along well with chickens in a common habitat. This would help you to save not only time, money but also space in your house. Moreover, your animals can communicate with each other to make them feel like they are living in nature.

However, there are also some bad impacts on your chickens and pigeons when they live together. The different features and threats of any disease would cause many issues for you during this process.