What color eggs do Columbian Wyandotte chickens lay?

Are Columbian Wyandotte chickens friendly?

Temperament. The Wyandotte is one of the best options for new chickens owners because it is a remarkably calm breed. They are beautiful to look at, and they are typically quite friendly. While they are generally kind-hearted chickens, they do tend to have a mind of their own.

How often do Columbian Wyandottes lay eggs?

A prolific and dependable layer, the energetic Columbian Wyandotte hen produces an average of 200 large brown eggs per year. Because it is a cold hardy chicken, it will often continue to lay during the winter months, unlike many other breeds. The hen will generally begin to lay around the age of 6-7 months.

Are Columbian Wyandottes good layers?

These Columbian Wyandottes are not all show with their elegantly patterned feathers, they make great egg layers too! Wyandottes are one of the most strikingly beautiful chickens to grace a backyard flock. They were developed in New York, have a quiet temperament, and are one of the most winter-hardy breeds.

Are Wyandotte hens noisy?

#12 Wyandotte chickens can be very noisy.

The majority of breeds will talk softly throughout the day (and sometimes not so softly), but Wyandottes are known to be noisier than average.

How do you tell a hen from a Wyandotte rooster?

Ways to tell if your Wyandotte chicks are roosters or hens (chicks should be 8 weeks or older)

  1. Facial Skin – Roosters’ wattles become notably larger and redder sooner than hens’ wattles.
  2. Feather Growth – Roosters feather out slower than hens.
  3. Structure – Roosters are wider and sturdier in appearance than hens.

What are Wyandotte chickens good for?

The Wyandotte is one of Americas’ favorite hens. Created in the North-Eastern US it is a firm favorite of many homesteaders for its reliability in producing eggs and meat. It has the distinction of being the first American breed specifically bred to be dual purpose. It is a beautifully marked heritage bird.

How long does it take for Wyandotte chickens to lay eggs?

Egg Production

Silver Wyandottes will start laying anytime after 18 weeks or so. As for broodiness they are seldom broody however some strains can be broody (it is luck of the draw). If your hen does go broody she will make a good mother.

What are Wyandotte chickens used for?

Wyandotte chicken

Are Columbian wyandottes heat Hardy?

Not Great in Heat

Although Wyandottes do just fine on hot summer days (provided they’ve got access to some shade and a good supply of water), their thick plumage and heavy bodies make them less heat tolerant than many other heritage chicken breeds.

Are Wyandotte hens broody?

They are good layers of medium-sized light brown eggs laying around 200 eggs per year, or just under 4 per week. They do make great moms happily raising a batch of chicks for you. Of course, this means the Wyandotte has a tendency to be broody, which is a nuisance if you want eggs, not chicks.

Can Wyandotte chickens fly?

Wyandottes are moderate fliers, meaning they can fly up to a roosting bar, but aren’t likely to fly over tall fences. The hens especially prefer to stick close to their coops (and the roosters will stay wherever their hens are).

How big does a Wyandotte chicken get?

Wyandotte chicken

Country of originUnited States
WeightMale: 3.5–4 kg (8–9 lb) Female: 2.7–3.2 kg (6–7 lb)
Skin colorYellow

Do Wyandotte hens have combs?

Another favorable characteristic of the Wyandotte chicken breed is the rose comb on top of their heads (Fig. 5). Because the comb lies close to the head it is not subject to frostbite as a bird with a single comb.

Do Wyandotte hens have wattles?

Wyandotte chickens are exceptionally beautiful, with rich coloring and sometimes have lacing of a second color on each feather. They’re quite rotund and fluffy. Wyandottes have thick yellow legs free of feathers. They have a rose comb and if they have wattles they’re small and close to the face.

What age do Wyandotte roosters crow?

At 4-5 months old, any roosters in the bunch will begin to crow and it is at this crucial time that you may just discover that your favorite hen is really a “he”. Sometimes it is easy to tell that a hen is really a rooster before any crowing starts.

Are Wyandottes cuddly?

Cold Ain’t No Thing! These curvaceous ladies are built to cuddle! With their generous proportions, warm and full feathering and small tight combs, Wyandotte chickens are perfect for chicken keepers who live in a colder climate.

What color egg’s do Golden Laced Wyandottes lay?


Golden Laced Wyandotte Chicken
Color:Gold and black.
Egg Production:4 per week.
Egg Color:Brown.
Known For Broodiness:No.

Are Wyandotte chickens quiet?

If you’re an ornamental chicken keeper, you’ll want a quiet breed that’s easy on the eyes. Luckily, the Wyandotte is one of the quietest breeds of chickens. And with her beautiful laced, multi-colored, feathers, you’re not skimping on your chicken’s curb appeal when you add one of these beauties to your flock.

At what age do Wyandottes start laying?

On average, chickens start laying eggs at 6 months old, depending on the breed. Breeds like Australorps, Leghorns, Golden Comets and Sex Links will start laying as soon as 16-18 weeks. Larger, heavier breeds like Wyandottes, Plymouth Rocks and Orpingtons will lay anywhere from 6 to 8 months.

When can Wyandottes go outside?

The best time to live outside full-time is around nine to 10 weeks. Chicks should be fully feathered. Temperatures should be no lower than 50 degrees because young chickens don’t have a lot of body mass. Acclimate them before putting them outside for good.

Are Wyandottes friendly?

Wyandottes make a great backyard chicken. They are friendly without being overly docile meaning they have plenty of personality. They are easy to handle, care for and are cold hardy. They are a dual purpose breed with good egg production that love to free range.

Are Wyandottes dual purpose?

Wyandottes are classified as a dual purpose breed, so they are not particularly small birds. Roosters weigh in between 8 and 9 pounds, with hens weighing between 6 and 7 pounds.

Are Australorps broody?

The Australorp does occasionally display broody behaviour (their English counterpart the Orpington is a very broody breed), however they aren’t a reliable breed that will sit on the eggs to term.

What kind of comb does a Wyandotte have?


TypeDual Purpose
Comb TypeRose
FlightinessPoor Fliers
Noise LevelBelow average

Do Wyandotte chickens lay in the winter?

Wyandotte chickens are decent egg layers, laying approximately 200 large brown eggs each year. What’s even better is that they generally lay through the winter months as well as summer, whereas other breeds tend to cease egg production.

How long do Wyandotte chickens live?

Average life expectancy seems to range between 6 – 12 years, depending on the line of the birds. They are not prone to any unusual chicken ailments.