What kind of chicken lays 2 eggs a day?

Most farmers raise chickens for eggs, they always consider selecting breeds with many characteristics about their productivity, color,… In which, ability to put many eggs could be a year is thought united of the foremost valuable characteristics that affect the selection of breeding

Presently, there are a number of chicken breeds within the world that are famous for their capacity so as to lay many eggs daily, weekly, and annually.

What kind of chicken lays 2 eggs a day?

There are many chickens that may lay 2 eggs on a daily basis. In which, Golden Laced Wyandotte, Black Star, Red Stars, and Ancona are the most famous.

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Golden Laced Wyandotte

Golden Laced Wyandotte
Golden Laced Wyandotte

About appearance, the Golden Wyandotte contains a big size with beautiful feathers colors that make them especially attractive. Regarding productivity, the Golden Wyandotte is notable for being one among|one in every one of the most effective species for breeding in a free environment.

This chicken usually lays one egg at some point, with a median of 200 eggs per annum. However, to puttes they will lay two eggs an average of 200 eggs annually. The Golden Wyandotte’s eggs are brown and fairly large.

Black Star

Black Star
Black Star

This breed originated from the US and was developed by Barred Rock hen and Rhodes Island Red rooster. it had been developed to provide plenty of eggs, so it’s the capacity to get a mean of 250 eggs p.a…

They begin laying eggs from 18 to 24 weeks old. During this point, you’ll be able to easily be distinguished from the females and males which have many distinctive colors between the genders.

Black Star is additionally a decent forager and tolerates weather vagaries. These chickens lay over 200 eggs per year.

Red Stars

Red Stars Chicken
Red Stars Chicken

The Red Stars have the capacity to lay approximately 300 or more eggs during a year. The hens begin laying eggs from between 10 the age weeks to 18 weeks and lay an egg daily after they start. Moreover, within the spring when the weather is warm, we will be able to lay two eggs per day.

This chicken breed is additionally easy to lift because it’s good proof against adverse weather patterns. Besides, Red Stars can lay eggs to their full capacity, even within the winter.


Although Ancona has a smaller size compared to the breeds, they’re notable for his or her ability to get many eggs within the year up to 180-220 eggs and particularly the pullets begin to put eggs once they only attain 5 months old.

In addition, this chicken is notable for its broodiness, also their ability to resist adverse atmospheric conditions, hence can lay eggs unhindered during the winter with less amount of daylight.


Among the chicken breeds notable for his or her high level of productivity, Australorp is considered the foremost prolific layer. This chicken breed has the capacity of laying approximately 260 eggs within the year and was awarded the winning layer for the foremost excellent laying chicken breed with recording 364 eggs in an exceedingly year.

This type of chicken originates from Australia, and they’re also known for being human-friendly, and attractive in their feather varieties from white to black or brown.

Speckled Sussex

Also among the chickens capable of laying 2 eggs on a daily basis. The Speckled Sussex ranks high among the category of the foremost effective egg-laying chicken breeds. This chicken can lay approximately 200 to 320 eggs every year. they begin to place from the time between 16 ages and 20 weeks of age. It is also one in all the few styles of chicken that’s raised for the dual purpose not only for the high level of egg production but also for its great deal of meat.

About characteristics, they also are known to be easy-going and quiet.

So, Ancona, Australorp, Speckled Sussex can lay over 200 eggs within the year. They’re the foremost effective products within the world.

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Which types of chickens are highly productive for laying eggs?

Barred Plymouth Rock, Dominique, Isa Brown are highly productive types for laying eggs.

Barred Plymouth Rock

This is another high productivity breed notable for its ability to get 200- 280 eggs once a year with dense frequency and lay eggs once every two days, even every day can incapacitate 2 eggs.

About the laying time, Barred Plymouth Rock begins laying eggs when they attain between 18 and 22 weeks of age. Their eggs are light brown in color and big in size.

Another advantage of this chicken is that they’ll thrive well in an exceedingly free- fringe, also they will equally withstand weather and tolerate confinement yet. This makes their breeding easier and more leisurely.


Dominique chicken
Dominique chicken

This chicken breed originated from the US. It has heavy plumage made up from irregular striped gray light color

Dominique is additionally equally a dual-purpose chicken breed raised for its meat and eggs; the hens begin laying eggs with the quantity of eggs one lays from 1 to 2 eggs. This chicken begins to put at the age from 22 to 23 months and lays around 230 – 275 eggs during a year.

Besides, the Dominique breed in some cases also is raised as family pets due to their outstanding characteristics.

Isa Brown

This chicken breed is additionally thought to be a prolific egg layer with the capacity to get a mean 300 eggs annually, in which, from 1 to 2 eggs day by day. we start to get most from between 18 – 22 weeks old or beyond

Isa Brown also adapts easily to changes in weather conditions so that it lays eggs without hindrance. With its capacity to induce many eggs within the year and with the facility to go about adverse weather conditions, this chicken is taken under consideration as an ideal choice for breeders.


So, what kind of chicken lays 2 eggs a day? Many breeds can do it. In which, some types of chicken have outstanding ability such as Dominique, Speckled Sussex, Red Stars or Australorp,…