Can an egg bound chicken poop?

In most cases, the egg is palpable in the abdomen and the cloacal region is often swollen. Feces often appear to look like diarrhea due to the cloacal relaxation associated with egg laying. However, in some smaller breeds the birds may be constipated due to the egg interfering with normal defecation.

What are the symptoms of an egg bound chicken?


  • Loss of appetite.
  • Disinterest in drinking.
  • Decreased activity.
  • Shaky wings.
  • Walking like a penguin.
  • Abdominal straining.
  • Frequent, uncharacteristic sitting.
  • Passing wet droppings or none at all (egg interferes with normal defecation)

How do you help a chicken that is egg bound?

If you must treat an egg bound chicken yourself, follow the following steps:

  1. Give her Calcium. – This is the single most important thing you can do for an egg bound hen.
  2. Rehydrate the Hen.
  3. Wait.
  4. Warm Water Bath.
  5. Dry and Lubricate.
  6. Place her in a Dark Nest.
  7. Massage.
  8. Repeat.

What to do if a chicken can’t poop?

The first step for dealing with egg retention is to try a warm water bath with Epsom salts. This method is said to help relax the chicken and relieve the pressure and can be used to help alleviate constipation as well as for helping an egg-bound hen.

How long can a chicken stay egg bound?

An egg bound hen will die if she is not able to pass the egg within 48 hours, so once you have made your diagnosis, treatment should start immediately. You want to handle your egg bound hen carefully to avoid breaking the egg inside her, which can lead to infection and possible death.

Why does my chicken have poop stuck?

Pasty butt or chick pasting up is a common reason for a sick baby chick, most often caused by stress. This is a condition where droppings stick to a chick’s vent area, preventing excretion of waste. The condition is easily treated, and recovery can be quick if action is taken promptly.

Why does my chicken have a dirty bottom?

Dirty bottoms on your chickens mean that there is either an infection or a digestive problem going on and that your chickens have diarrhoea or a discharge that is getting matted into the feathers. Diarrhoea in chickens is second only to respiratory disease as the most common causes of illness in chickens.

What is water belly chickens?

Ascites in chickens, commonly referred to as water belly, represents a spectrum of physiological and metabolic changes leading to the excess accumulation of fluid in abdominal cavity. These changes occur in response to a number of dietary, environmental and genetic factors.

What does calcium do for an egg bound Chicken?

Your vet is likely to give the hen calcium injections to soften the egg shell. Relax the muscles even more. Use Olive oil to gently massage the muscles in the abdomen. Do not press hard or you can end up inadvertently breaking the egg which can be fatal.