The Lushi chicken breed

The Lushi chicken is a small breed of chicken that originates from China. Hens of this breed only weigh around 3lb (1.3kg), and they have a multi-colored plumage. There is no set standard for the plumage of Lushi chickens, but you can expect them to lay a medium-sized egg.

This rare chicken can lay either blue or pink eggs, but they are poor layers and can only lay around 2 eggs each week (around 100 eggs per year). Despite their poor laying ability, Lushi chickens make excellent pets due to their friendly nature and unusual appearance. If you’re looking for a rare chicken breed to add to your flock, the Lushi chicken is a good choice.

Lushi chicken

  • Primary use: Dual-purpose (meat & eggs)
  • Size (Roosters): 4 lbs
  • Size (Hens): 3 lbs
  • Egg production (Annual): Unknown
  • Egg size: Small
  • Egg color: Blue
  • Origin: China

Lushi is a type of chicken that can handle rough food, adapt to new situations, stay healthy, have better meat quality, and do other things. In particular, the variety that made green-shelled eggs had better-tasting eggs and shells that were easier to store and move. This is a good trait that deserves special attention. But there aren’t as many different kinds of eggs, and there aren’t as many shades of green on the shells. In the future, to meet market demand, green shell eggs should have a wider range of shell colors.