Do you feed chickens layer feed in winter?

The Best Winter Chicken Feed

During winter I tend to keep my hens on layers pellets, this provides them with all of their key nutritional requirements and keeps them healthy. In addition to these pellets, during the final half an hour of daylight each day I feed them some cracked corn.

What to feed chickens to lay eggs in winter?

How to Encourage Your Chickens to Lay in The Winter

Do chickens need more protein in winter?

Whether you own a farm/ranch or keep a coop in the backyard, your chickens need more protein in winter. They will expend a considerable amount of energy to stay warm, and will therefore, eat more feed. Because of this, it’s important to feed your flock a quality, higher-protein feed from November to March.

What is the best bedding for chickens in the winter time?

Although straw is soft, it is not very absorbent, quickly becoming wet from the chicken’s waste. A wet bedding is hazardous to chickens because it harbors mold which can make the hens sick. A better chicken coop bedding for the winter months is an absorbent bedding such as pine pellets or hemp.

Is Whole corn good for chickens?

WHY Give CORN to Your Chickens!

Should chickens eat corn?

Feeding Chickens Corn

Let me assure you, offering corn during both winter and summer months is okay, and no harm will come to a flock that consumes corn throughout the year. Much like scratch grains, provide corn in moderation. Chickens that consume too much corn can become obese.

Can chickens eat oatmeal?

They certainly can! Oatmeal for chickens is one of my favorite treats to serve my flock in the winter. Warm oatmeal for chickens is a nutritious, energizing snack for them. Chickens love oats, which are an excellent source of vitamins, protein, and antioxidants.

Do you put shavings in chicken coop?

For the Coop

For all the reasons mentioned previously, shavings are the ideal material to line the coop. Using the deep-litter method ensures that even the bedding doesn’t go to waste and doesn’t require a significant investment in litter to have a healthy option for your flock.

Is straw warm for chickens?

A layer of straw up to a foot deep will help keep your chickens warmer at night. Likewise, straw bales stacked along the inside walls of the coop provide natural insulation and take up some of the dead air space.

Can I put a blanket in my chicken coop?

Since your coop windows likely aren’t double paned, and therefore let heat escape and cold in, hanging a blanket or towel over them at night will help to retain the heat your chickens create with their body heat.