How do you clean a chickens poopy bum?

I have found that the fastest and safest way to treat pasty butt is to wash the chick’s butt under lukewarm running water. Work quickly in a warm room to prevent chilling. When the droppings soften, gently coax the poop off the down without pulling to avoid tearing the chick’s skin.(Full answer)

Is it normal for chickens to have poop on their butt?

It may happen occasionally and once or twice is nothing to worry about but a chicken with a permanently dirty bottom has something wrong with it. Chickens poop and lay eggs out of the same hole or vent, called the cloaca.(Read more)

Why is my chicken’s bum dirty?

Pasty butt occurs in chicks who are stressed due to things like shipping, movement, or other external factors. It can also be caused by improper diet, dehydration, or being kept at incorrect brooder temperatures for their age.(Reference)

What does vent Gleet look like?

Sticky yellow whiteish paste-like discharge from vent. Hard white crusting on dirty tail feathers. Strong unpleasant smell.(The full answer)