How much is a Yokohama chicken worth?

How much is a Yokohama chicken worth? Male Yokohama chicks usually go for around $4, while the females tend to cost slightly more at around $6. Since they are more of a rare breed you may have to have a breeder ship chicks to you.

How many eggs do Yokohama chickens lay?

The Yokohama is kept mainly for showing. Full-sized hens lay about 80 eggs per year; they are tinted and weigh about 40 g. Bantam hens lay about 90 eggs averaging 30 g in weight.

Are Yokohama chickens cold hardy?

Well-suited to heat but not particularly hardy in the cold, these chickens do well to have a well-constructed home. Because of their docile nature, these chickens make particularly good pets, making them suitable even for small children.

Are Yokohama Chickens good egg layers?

They are well suited to a back garden flock. Hens are not good egg layers, and lay a few tinted or cream colored eggs. They tend to go broody after laying 12-14 eggs. The chicks are hardy, but require extra protein enriched feeds when their tails start growing.

How big do Yokohama chickens get?

It’s unclear when Yokohama chickens arrived in the U.S. However, they were recognized by the American Poultry Association as a standard breed in 1981 in two varieties: White and Red Shouldered. Males are 4.5 pounds and females are 3.5 pounds.

Where did the Yokohama chicken originate?

Yokohama chicken

How many eggs do Phoenix chickens lay?

Phoenix hens do not lay many eggs. They lay around 45 tinted eggs per year but can yield anywhere from 40-156 eggs per year. The Phoenix hen can lay around three white, creamy, or light brown eggs per week.

What do Yokohama chickens eat?

Feeding and Nutrition

There are specially formulated game bird feeds with complete nutrition for chickens like Yokohama. If you have your flock on a standard laying feed, give your birds protein enriched treats such as mealworms and scrambled eggs.

How much does a Phoenix chicken cost?

Silver Phoenix

Item #Description1-5
PHOCMale1-5 $3.98
PHOPFemale1-5 $6.31
PHOSUnsexed1-5 $5.09

What chicken lays a purple egg?

Sadly, there is no chicken breed that lays truly purple eggs. If your eggs look purple, it’s the bloom to blame. The bloom is a protective layer on the outside of the gg that helps prevent bacteria from entering the shell. It also helps the eggs stay fresh.

What are Phoenix chickens good for?

The Phoenix chicken is a very active breed with excellent flight skills. They are excellent foragers and good for free range system. The Phoenix hens are good layers of small to medium sized cream or tinted colored eggs, and go broody frequently. Hens are also good mothers.