Can geese and chickens live together?

Chickens are quite common to everyone and known as a great choice to raise together with other types of poultry such as ducks, turkeys, guineas, etc.

This is simply because it seems not to have much trouble putting them in the same place.

Can geese and chickens live together?

The short answer is YES, We totally can raise geese and chickens together. However, since they have some distinctive differences, having an understanding of how we should do to keep them harmonious is important. It will help us to be fully prepared and able to achieve an effective result.

So let’s find out some issues to see whether or not it is a good idea to let geese and chickens in the same space.

The differences


The grass is the main food of geese. They love eating grass and can be well grown-up when eating enough and quality grass. Grass includes different minerals and vitamins that geese need.

However, grass just thrives greatly and is fresh in spring. In the autumn and winter seasons, the amount of protein in the grass is lower and does not contain enough nutrition. So you have to choose a different type of food to feed geese to ensure their egg-laying process.

Apart from grass, geese also like to eat lettuce, cauliflower, or some leftover vegetables such as cooked carrots, potatoes, etc. So there are quite a lot of great substitutes when the grass is rare.

Some people can use whole wheat as an alternative but they have to feed the right quantities to make sure geese do not weigh excessively.

In the meanwhile, chickens are omnivores and they can eat a variety of food. Chickens’ food also contains higher protein content.

Therefore, knowing the differences between geese and chickens’ diets is necessary when putting them in the same place.

Sleeping habit

Geese are vastly different from chickens in sleeping habits. They are keen on sleeping outdoors, even awake during the night. So geese’ houses need not have plenty of amenities. You just need to make sure their houses are dry, safe and ventilated enough.

In contrast, chickens’ houses are more complicated. They need boxes in order to sleep and lay in. Especially, their space has to be dry since they are more susceptible to diseases than geese.

Shower habit

Geese need a water source that is enough for them to keep their head and clean their nostrils.

Meanwhile, chickens do not need to dip their whole beak like that. In the worst case, if you provide chickens with geese’s water requirement, they can drown.

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Should we let geese and chickens live together?

Geese and Chickens can live together
Geese and Chickens can live together

Geese can be a great protector of chickens

Geese are known as amazing guard dogs. They not only can invigorate flying predators, ground predators but also can relive conflicts between chickens. They are much stronger and more fearless than chickens.

When danger comes up, geese are ready to fight with any enemy. In case of failure, they may make loud noises to get owners’ attention and help.

Damage cannot be excluded, geese are always possible to be attacked and injured, even killed by some rampant predators such as hawks, rats, stray dogs, etc.

So, though they have the ability to protect themselves and chickens, farmers also have to obverse to prevent dangerous predators from onslaught both of them. (Source)


Though we know that geese and chickens can live together, having an understanding about helping them live harmoniously is much more crucial. Let’s look over some noticed things before having a mixed flock of geese and chickens:

Firstly, it can be dangerous for both chickens and geese if they fight with each other. Since both of them have their own strengths, geese have strong wings and bite painfully while chickens have acute beaks. It can lead to damage when they have scrimmage.

Secondly, ganders may get an attempt to mate with hens. However, they do not have the same features like roosters which are appropriate to hens. Therefore, it can put hens in danger, even death.

Finally, it would be better if you add one goose to protect a chicken fowl. When lots of geese are together, they can ignore their protection charge and even can attack your chickens in some cases.

What we should do to create a harmonious living environment for geese and chickens

It is always best to combine many types of poultry when they are the same age. It would be easier for geese and chickens to get used to each other and share their space.

In case of adding goslings to an adult chicken flock, you should introduce them step by step to make sure they can get along and are not bullied.

It takes time to let different types of animals live together so you have to be patient. Farmers should allow them to live in the same place steadily, just a few hours in the beginning and all the time then.


In summary, to answer the question “Can geese and chickens live together” is YES. However, it is not an easy problem since it has both pros and cons. So you should consider the disadvantages as well as the benefits mentioned above thoroughly to make a decision to have a mixed flock of geese and chickens.