How to decrow a rooster? (a variety of methods…)

Chickens are very common animals with everybody since they are easy to raise and do not cause any serious trouble. While female chickens bring benefits from laying eggs, roosters are famous for their crows. Roosters’ crows in the morning can wake farmers up without clocks. However, roosters not only crow in the morning but also anytime and this affects people around.

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How to decrow a rooster?

Since there are a lot of reasons why a rooster crow like getting hens’ impressions or being triggered by external factors, it also has a variety of methods to decrow a rooster such as having a rooster in the flock, keeping roosters in dark enclosed coops at night, etc.

So, to get a particular and complete answer to this question, let’s figure out what makes a rooster crow and find the proper solutions.

How to decrow a rooster?
How to decrow a rooster?

The ways to decrow a rooster

Having only a rooster in the flock

Roosters have a strong desire to conquer hens. If you have more than one rooster in your flock, they will definitely emulate for hens.

That is why you should keep only one rooster to impede roosters from fighting and reduce their crow noises.

Meeting roosters’ needs

If roosters are not sufficiently provided with food, it is probably one of the reasons why they crow.

Therefore, you should feed them fully. It would be especially better to prepare his pen with food and water at night to decrease roosters’ nighttime crow.

You should meet your rooster's needs
You should meet your rooster’s needs

Keeping your roosters in dark enclosed coops at night

Like we said, chickens can be triggered by noises and light at night. Therefore, keeping your roosters in dark enclosed coops is a good way to prevent them from being exposed to stimuli. Since they will not be distracted from their sleep or feel dangerous, roosters will not crow.

Providing your roosters with large spaces

Chickens are known as active animals. They love walking around to look for their food or just simply taking a walk under the sunshine.

If you confine them in a limited space, they certainly cannot stand it and make loud noises. So, make sure to provide your roosters with generous places and allow them to interact with their companies during the day.

Checking for predators

A rooster can be a good protector when living with a flock of hens since they have strong responsibility for taking care of their hens. Once they feel the danger coming close, they will crow to alert people and call for help.

Therefore, you need to build a safe coop to protect them from predators and decrease their crowing. (Source)

When do roosters start crowing?

Roosters start crowing when they are about 3 or 4 months old depending on the specific breeds. Though the crows of roosters are not too loud, they still bother your neighbors or even you if they crow frequently.

Luckily, there are solutions to deal with this problem and it will be fine if you do it the right way.

Why do roosters crow?

In 2013, there was a paper giving information about the reasons why a rooster crows. It was published by Tsuyoshi Shimmura and Takashi Yoshimura. They implemented some experiments and collected the data to answer this question.

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Ultimately, it comes in several specific reasons:

Responding to the sun

Two scientists allowed a rooster flock to live in a controlled environment for over two weeks. They set a mode of twelve hours of continuous light, rotating with twelve hours of continuous dark in that environment.

Finally, it showed that roosters could predict when the daylight was coming. Generally, they started crowing about two hours before dawn.

The research also pointed that the most dominant rooster would crow first, then other roosters would follow him. Therefore, it would be very noisy if you keep more than a rooster with your flock.

Announcing the territory

Chickens‘ ancestries are almost found in dense areas such as forests, jungles, etc. This makes roosters difficult to see other birds so they used their crows as an announcement of their territories and hens to their neighbors.

Also, a rooster’s crow is a sign helping his flock determine the position. Since chickens are prone to attack, crows give them an idea whether or not predators are getting closer or moving away. As a result, they can avoid being injured and can protect themselves.

External factors

It is not unusual to hear a rooster crow at night. However, there is no exact answer to explain why they crow at night.

Chickens have sensitive hearing, especially at night. That is why some chicken raisers think that chickens crow at night because they hear noises nearby their living areas. Their night crows can alert their flock and call for peoples’ help.

Being triggered by the light is also one of the reasons why roosters crow. A couple of chicken keepers find that roosters will crow if they are disturbed by the light such as the car headlight, the torch, etc continuously.

Getting hens’ impression

Roosters can crow to impress the ladies. Some roosters can crow after mating or beholding their hens laying eggs. It is a way that roosters show their strength and pride to other roosters. (Source)


In summary, there are a variety of ways to decrow a rooster. However, since all roosters are not the same, it is crucial to learn your roosters’ habits and have the suitable methods.

The information mentioned above can be useful for you to refer to if you are looking for solutions on how to decrease their crows.