Can a chicken lay more than one egg a day?

Normally, the egg production process in hens is triggered by the sunshine. After receiving this natural cue, the hen’s body will start forming an egg. This starts with releasing the yolk from the ovary to the uterus, where it fills with many ovalbumins. Then, a membrane that is formed within the uterine will form into the shell. And eventually, this fully-formed egg goes to be laid, then the creating process of the following egg also will start within one hour approximately.

Altogether, this production process will take approximately 26 hours on the typical. Depends on style, characteristics or fitness. Some chickens are slower or faster. In which, if you keep the suitable lighting and warmth conditions during the winter, your hens can still lay within the cooler months.

Can a chicken lay more than one egg a day?

The answer is yes. During the lay process, hens can release two yolks at an identical time. These two yolks are encapsulated within identical fixings. And after forming within the uterus, they’ll split into two eggs.

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When do chickens lay eggs?

Chickens begin laying eggs after approximately four or six months. Within the primary year of a hen’s life visiting is the foremost effective from a birthing perspective. within the next few years, the egg production process slows down compared to the primary year. Moreover, most chickens are finished laying for four years..

Chickens can lay more than one egg a day
Chickens can lay more than one egg a day

What are factors affecting the laying of chicken?

In the summer, the higher the lighting level of the sun, the faster the stimulation laying process. On the other hand, because the long day within the summer, the broader the laying process. However, if you reside during a temperate climate region, the chicken can lay later. But you’ll also extend your chicken’s egg-laying period by creating artificial light within the hen coop.

Besides lighting level, the opposite factor which you would like to contemplate is diet. Chicken eggs have mainly ingredients of protein, so a chicken that doesn’t get much protein cannot lay as many eggs and thus the eggs may also be of poorer quality.

If you want to bring the most effective production for eggs, you need to supplement feed for hens fully with high-quality commercial feed which provides fresh food scraps. Moreover, providing an honest natural environment is additionally called an acceptable method for the event of hens.

Can you don’t know? Hens which are molting period will not lay eggs. Most chickens usually molt on an annual basis, sometimes every other year. It is necessary for hens to regrow damaged feathers which remain insulated and warm feathers for hens.

Besides, hens also must provide many protein ingredients because feathers are made from protein. So, feeding a much better than normal level of protein can help the speed and produce your hen back to laying soon.

What are the foods to assist your chickens lay over one egg a day?


Normally, you will see chickens dig through the underside to hunt out worms which are the foremost loved of chickens. However, for the aim of providing nutrients to push the chicken to get many eggs, mealworms are named just about nearly as good replacement food. There don’t seem to be only natural, but also rich ingredients with over fifty-five percent protein.

However, during the using process, you’d wish to grasp the due to use it during a selected amount to avoid harming chickens.

Cracked Corn

Also remarked on the best foods for chickens. Cracked Corn is often employed within the winter before roosting period. This food helps provide more nutrients, also faster boost the body’s metabolism, and also help hens to remain warm in the evening.

Cracked corn for chickens 
Cracked corn for chickens


Chickweed, kale, dandelion leaves, and cabbage are all high in minerals and vitamins which the chickens must remain in physiological condition. So, after you add these greens in ingredients for chickens it’ll improve the quantity of eggs your chickens lay.


Fruit is assumed to be a healthy food. To chickens, fruit provides vitamins of the sort of a, B1, B6, C, and antioxidants, which are necessary for digestion and metabolism within the body. Furthermore, within the severe weather days as hot within the summer, some fruit as watermelon also help to substantiate provide enough water for body chickens

Scrambled Eggs

Can you don’t know that scrambled eggs have a lot of protein? This helps bring an intense high protein that is necessary for recovering from the brooding process, so it increases hen’s production percentage.

Besides, as said, protein is additionally really needed for chickens during the molting period because it takes plenty of energy to remain warm. Therefore, scrambled eggs are useful to treat chickens warmly.

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So, can a chicken lay more than one egg a day? The solution is yes, however, it depends on the characteristics, ages, and health conditions of hens.

There are many factors affecting the laying process of chicken like light level, weather, nutrition in feed,… So you should make sure these factors if you’d like chickens to have good production eggs.