Can chickens eat Rice Krispies?

Rice Krispies is a nearly a century-old food that people have enjoyed up until now. It is mostly made out of crisped rice, which is a sugar paste and rice blends that are shaped into rice shapes, cooked, dried, and then toasted.

Plain rice is a well-known healthy treat for humans and chickens with lots of much-needed nutrients like fiber and protein as well as calories. So it makes sense that people may wonder if chickens can consume Rice Krispies.

Can chickens eat Rice Krispies? In short, the answer is yes, they technically can, but they shouldn’t because of the amounts of sugars. How do Rice Krispies benefit chickens? Are there any other chicken rice products that chicks can enjoy? Let’s find out.

About Rice Krispies


Rice Krispies is a rice cereal that consists of water, rice, sugars, salt, iron, matt flavoring, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B6, vitamin B2, vitamin B1, vitamin B12, vitamin D, folic acid.

Those ingredients are mixed and shaped into rice shape or “berries” shape, cooked, dried, and then toasted.


The variants of Rice Krispies differ depending on where they are sold:

  • Cocoa Krispies (chocolate-flavored version, sold worldwide)
  • Frosted Rice Krispies
  • Rice Krispies with Vanilla flavor (sold in Canada and South Africa)
  • Chocolate and Vanilla Rice Krispies
  • Rice Krispies Treats Cereal
  • Strawberry Pops

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Can chickens eat Rice Krispies?

Yes, they can eat Rice Krispies like humans. Most cereals are fine for your flocks. But, when picking a cereal product, avoid a high level of sugar cereals, which have a high amount of calories.

And thus, you should not use Rice Krispies as the main ingredient in chickens’ normal diets. It is not the go-to diet food since it has an un-ideal concentration of sugar content.

While sugar tastes great to humans, sugar, along with some additives and other stuff found in some cereals that make up the good taste is not good for us and the chickens either.

A huge sugar dump in a chicken feed is bad for your chickens and baby chicks since it can cause the chickens to be overweight, which can decrease egg production.

Chickens’ dietary requirements are very different to those of humans. The recommended figure in a daily chicken feed is around 100 to 120 grams to ensure sufficient nutrition and good health.

And you don’t have to spend much to give your backyard flock the treats they need. They enjoy human food too, like cereals, table scraps, and leftovers like fruits and vegetables.

But, your kindness can be bad if you decide to feed your coop food with high amounts of carbohydrates or fat. They can cause obesity if your chicks don’t get a lot of exercise.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that Rice Krispies is bad for your chickens. The right amounts of Rice Krispies are fine, you should use healthy food as the main ingredients for your chicken diet.

Can chickens eat Rice Krsipies

What cereals can chickens eat?

There are many other cereal products that can benefit chickens’ health. Here are some examples: Cornflakes, Cheerios, Shredded Wheat, Weetabix, and more.

The common property that those brands provide their cereal grains and wheat without a load of sugar, chocolate, etc.

So what can chickens enjoy in their daily diet?

Here is some food to add variety to your chickens’ natural diet. They are a treat for chickens. You can also give them some leftovers if you are not eating to provide essential nutrients.

Seeds and nuts:

Flax seeds, sunflowers from seeds, raisins, cantaloupe seeds, pumpkin seeds,…


Most vegetables are great for chickens with great amounts of nutrients, but there are some that you shouldn’t feed to your flock.

Examples of suitable veggies: carrots,  lettuce, cabbage, corn, green beans, bean sprouts, tomatoes, spinach…


Some examples include strawberries, cranberries, bananas (for potassium), peaches, melons, and more.


You can try these herbs, fresh or dried, like basils, oregano, cinnamon, cayenne, thymes, and more.

Many types of rice products.

For example, rice cakes, raw rice, uncooked rice, cooked rice, flavored rice, white rice, puffed-out rice, leftover rice, medium-grain rice…

Raw rice is completely safe for chickens. There is a popular myth about birds that when raw rice enters birds’ stomachs, it is mixed with water, causing the stomachs to burst and may lead to deaths.

That rumor is not true at all, though raw rice should only be in chickens’ diet in moderation.

Animal feed:

Try dried insects like mealworms, grubs, crickets, or river shrimp for minerals and protein. Mealworms, in particular, are rich in protein. Mealworms are also easy to find.

What can’t you feed your chickens?

Green potato peels or skins

It may contain solanine. Solanine is a defense against pests when potatoes are exposed to light, but that also makes it harmful to chickens or even humans. Solanine can cause diarrhea, vomiting, headache, etc.


Chocolate is bad for your flock since chocolate contains theobromine and caffeine. Chocolate can cause heart problems and potentially death, so keep them for yourself.


Some parts of avocados are toxic to chickens. Avocados pits and avocados skins are bad since they contain the toxin persin, while avocados’ flesh is fine.

Persin is toxic to chickens since persin causes heart problems and makes the chicken hard to breathe.

Raw beans

They contain the hemagglutinin chemical compound. This compound causes digestion problems. Another harmful compound in raw beans is phytohemagglutinin.


Onions may be yummy to humans, but it’s not good for chickens since it has thiosulphate. Onions’ health risks far outweigh the benefits it brings to chickens.

Rhubarb leaves

Rhubarb leaves are toxic to chickens and humans as well. They contain oxalate, which can make your chickens ill or even kill them if too much is consumed.


So, can chickens eat Rice Krispies? In summary, you can feed your chicks Rice Krispies as a small protein treat, but not too much since it has high amounts of sugar, resulting in high calories.

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