Can chickens eat porridge oats?

Oats is a whole grain grown mainly from North America and Europe. In terms of nutrition, Oats are also considered a rich source of fiber for the body, especially beta-glucan and a range of other essential antioxidants, vitamins, or minerals. Not only that, but Oats are also known as foods possessing higher protein and fat than more other grains. That is why, this food is called by many people as “Queens of grains”.

Can you don’t know? People often use some products made of oats such as porridge oats, oatmeal for daily meals. However, one of the common uses is as animal feed for poultries as chickens.

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Can chicken eat porridge oats?

The answer is yes. Porridge oats are a product line from Oats. It contains many useful vitamins and minerals for development, and also remains high productivity for chickens.

What are the nutrition ingredients of Porridge oats?

Porridge oats contain many nutrients such as carbohydrates, fat, protein, fiber, and some vitamins and minerals: B1, B3, B5, B6, Mangan, photpho, magie, Iron, zinc, Flota,…  which are necessary for the metabolism process of chickens.

Nutrition ingredients of Porridge oats
Nutrition ingredients of Porridge oats

Benefits of Porridge oats

Using Porridge oats for chickens Oats help create some results as

Form and strengthen the immune system. The chicken feed contains high levels of carbohydrates and a number of healthy minerals, which help chickens maintain a stable metabolism and digestive process in the body. On the other hand, the chicken’s immune system is also strengthened with important vitamins in the feed.

Do you don’t know? In the molting process, the protein in the body of chickens is lacking a lot. Therefore, providing a suitable amount of Protein will make the molting process take place faster, help chickens more recovery and improve production.

Besides, with the important nutrients contained in porridge oats, it also helps to improve the growth of young chickens as well as improve the performance of the musculoskeletal system.

What are the disadvantages of porridge oats?

Although porridge oats have some advantages, it also brings some disadvantages for the digestive process. According to some researchers, the digestive system of chickens is different for fiber which is contained in porridge oats. So, if you provide an unreasonable dosage, it will cause some issues about health situations which make chickens unable to absorb other nutrition ingredients.

In addition, oats are not given to chickens that tend to gain weight. This will promote the growth of adipose tissue. As a result, the chickens do not fly well and are more susceptible to infections.

How to prepare mixed food with porridge oats?

To create feed combined with the addition of porridge oats, you need to consider the age, characteristics as well as the nature of use of each type of chicken.

For newly hatched chicks, porridge oats need to be chopped and ground to make it easier for the chicks to digest.

To avoid vitamin deficiency and disease development, you need to mix a few more foods like flour or barley, minced corn, kefir, or whey into the mix. Such substances contain many vitamins and minerals. In the morning, the composition is added to the main diet. However, it is important that you stick to the dosage when combining these ingredients with porridge oats.

For hens

Adult hens should be combined between oats with other ingredients according to 2:1:1 percentage as 50% corns, 30% oats, and 20% other materials

Moreover, to provide suitable vitamins for chickens, you also should add water with oats. Therefore, chickens can absorb better, producing a more effective process and system. This also helps chickens avoid some disasters about Osteoarthritis and eyes.

For the broiler

The objective of this chicken type is for meat. So, the diet is also different from other chicken. In this case, you can mix 20% oats, 10% fish powder, 40% corn, and 30% other materials such as wheat or bran.

On the other hand, broilers need special mixes which are based on metabolic processes in the broiler breeds and promote weight. Therefore, these mixes are necessary for the development of chickens, and also avoid some toxics about weight gain.

Bowl of Porridge oats
Bowl of Porridge oats

How to use the right porridge oats for seasonal chickens?

Porridge oats can be used in the feed of chickens, however, you need to notice seasonal conditions to provide suitable content.

In the summer, the weather is warm, chickens are allowed to oam free and forage for their own food. So, during this period, you needn’t provide too many oats. Some oats mixed with vegetables or herbs are more necessary for this weather.

Not like summer, in the winter, the weather is cold, so chickens need to provide oats more. As a result, it is possible to create favorable conditions for the assimilation process of the digestive organs. In this period, molting or laying, so diet is really important for chickens.

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So, can chickens eat porridge oats? The answer is yes. The porridge oats are very important food for chickens, especially in molting or laying. It helps form and strengthen the immune system, improve the growth of young chickens, and improve the performance of the musculoskeletal system. However, it also makes the disadvantages for the digestive system and immune system if used in the wrong dosage.