Why is my rooster picking on one hen?

The rooster is poultry that can be matted with many hens. However, why is my rooster picking on one hen?

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What are the virtues of a rooster?

Maybe you don’t know in cultural rooster have many good virtues which help it show mettle, bravery, or trustworthiness towards a partner:

  • Intellectual: The head of a rooster has a crest, like a man wearing a mandarin hat, the crest stands upright in the direction of the sky, showing the will of a gentleman.
  • Leadership: The rooster is usually the leader of the flock, it leads the way for the whole flock of chickens, with a strong gait. A rooster will keep the flock in order. My Rooster made sure all the hens got into the coop at night, and also kept them from wandering outside of our yard during the day.
  • Courage: The “courage” of the rooster is expressed in meeting the enemy who dares to fight. It has the ability to fight and win against some other animals to ensure the safety of its herd.
  • Humanity: The “humanity” of the rooster is expressed in calling the flock to eat together when finding food. It is very rare to see the leader rooster eating alone without calling the whole flock.
  • Reliability: The word “trust” of the rooster is shown in the crowing sound. The sound of the rooster crowing still helps many people know when it is morning. The sound of the rooster crowing is associated with dawn, dispelling the night.

In addition, the rooster is also shown with the image of a rooster raising chicks when unfortunately the hen suddenly dies. They will change their behavior and some behaviors to protect and take care of the chicks.

The reasons why is my rooster picking on one hen?

There are many reasons why my rooster picks on one hen as an impression, attraction to hens, or limited space,… Let’s see below to know information.


The roosters are good at observing. So, they are easily impressed by the love that hens have for their chicks. Like mother, when hens find feed, normally we will call my children first.

Furthermore, in any situation, the chicken will always find ways to protect its chicks, especially, when it spreads its wide wings for the cubs to hide inside peacefully or when fighting with other animals to keep their child’s safety.

Impression of Rooster
Impression of Rooster


Not only hens are attracted by the rooster’s appearance but roosters also are attracted to this. Some beautiful species hens as:


Dragon-scale hens are different from other breeds of hens in that they have a rather large body and a very majestic appearance.

Especially, when the legs are covered with long, large, and thick scales stacked on top of each other. Even in the chicken breast, the feathers are arranged in an extremely eye-catching dragon scale shape

Apricot flower hens:

Apricot flower hen refers to hens with yellow feathers with white spots. These white spots look like apricot flowers, so they are called apricot flower chickens.

Bamboo hens:

Breed hens have moderately large legs, a firm, well-proportioned gait. Chicken feathers are thick and even on the whole body, especially longer in the tail.

Besides, breeding bamboo hens also have a stable, strong standing posture, do not lean to the side. Furthermore, Chickens have big noses, bright, flexible eyes,  and the cock’s crest is erect, not tilted or tilted to any side. That is the reason why roosters more vibrate.

“Ri” hens:

This breed has yellow or brown plumage. In addition, there are many black spots in positions such as wings, head, neck, and tail tip.

Sasso hens:

This chicken is distinguished by the complexion of its body, which, among other features as: small head, strong body and vibrant legs, yellow skin, and legs, Bright small beak, Mostly red plumage.

“Dong Tao” hens:

Originated from Hung Yen, Vietnam. The female has pale yellow feathers, yellow beak, skin, and legs. Has a big anklet, big tall legs, wide flat back.

It also has a strong body and a large collar, large legs, a straight and wide back, a long bill, and yellow skin and legs This gives the power to attract many roosters.

“Tien mat vang” hens:

This hen has gray-brown with green spots, thick and long comb, red or pink skin on the face, coated throat, gray legs. Appearances are quite small but showier.


Sometimes because of space limitations, only one hen and rooster are kept in the coop for breeding. That’s why the rooster won’t have many options to choose his girlfriend.

However, if your chicken coop has more than one rooster, you need to pay attention to the following issues to make sure the rooster stays safe with his mate:

  • A fight between an old rooster and a young rooster to establish a new hierarchy. A young rooster is a stranger to the flock, and the old will defend its territory, sometimes violently and bloody.
  • Competition between chicks trying to take the place of the dominant male in the flock.


So, why is my rooster picking on one hen? Stemming from inherent characteristics such as thoughtfulness, love in taking care of chicks or physical characteristics of hens make them more attractive to roosters.

On the other hand, due to the impact of space, the rooster and hen are closer together. However, you need to notice some things when coop have more  than one rooster